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The Beijing International Society was established in 1981 by a group of foreigners who shared an interest in exploring and understanding China’s rich and varied culture.


BIS is a non-profit organization with a mission to promote deeper level of understanding of China. BIS provides an opportunity for Beijing’s foreign residents and visitors to learn about the country from professionals, scholars and leaders on a wide range of subjects including culture, history, fine arts, literature, religion, economics, science, archaeology, technology, the environment and other compelling topics of the day.


BIS organizes two to three lectures per month. Lectures are held on Thursday evenings at various embassies. Guests are welcome to attend for a single lecture attendance fee or may sign up for annual membership at the registration desk on the day of the event. Please see membership terms for details. Outings to places of historical and cultural interest are held one to two times a year. No events are scheduled in July and August.