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Thursday, September 11, 2003 - 19:30

A Look at Chinese Contemporary Art

Xindong Cheng


French Embassy

Xindong Cheng is one of the most prominent dealers in Chinese art and a curator of contemporary and modern art. Born in 1963 in Zhejiang Province. He went to France in 1989, studying at the famous Art School “Ecole du Louvre” and working for the theatre master Peter Brook and the Galerie de France.

Since 1996, Xindong Cheng has been building cultural bridges between China and Europe by organizing big exhibitions of Chinese contemporary artists in France and presentations of the French contemporary art scene and famous artists like Dali or Rodin in 30 cities in China. After each exhibition Xindong Cheng publishes a book about the artist or the artistic movement that artist belongs to, and to date he has published more than 30 books

Travelling around China searching for new Chinese talent, he has discovered some promising artists like Zhang Xiaogang, whose works are now in many international museums, Zhang Xiatao, Luo Xu, Feng Zhengjie and many others. In Beijing he has established a studio to which, every year, he offers a three-month residency to a promising young artist, giving that artist a chance of international recognition

Xindong Cheng will talk about the situation of Chinese Contemporary Art in China and in the world, the views of the Chinese government towards this art, the different art fairs in China and the main new artists.

BIS Members are invited to arrive at 7:00pm to enjoy a glass of wine whilst viewing an exhibition of paintings before the lecture starts at 7:30pm.