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Thursday, October 10, 1991 - 19:00

BIS 10th Anniversary Event: Classical Temple Music at Zhi Hua Si

Zhi Hua Si (Temple)

We are pleased to be able to offer our members a very special treat – to enjoy 500-year-old music in the Great Hall of the Zhi Hua Temple, built in the eighth year of the Zheng Tong Emperor of the Ming Dynasty.

Zhi Hua Si classical temple music is the only well preserved Chinese classical music. It has been played uninterruptedly, unaltered for 28 generations. It is treasured in China and highly appreciated abroad as well, for its artistic and historic value.

A group of monks, musicians in their twilight years, and revered as "China's National Treasures" for their unique skill, will play for us on special instruments. Mr. Ling Haiwei, a lifetime researcher of Chinese classical music, will give us a short introduction.