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Thursday, May 9, 2019 - 19:00



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Laurence Brahm

 (Please note the early start time)

United Nations Compound
2 Liangmahe Nanlu Chaoyang District

联合国大楼 亮马河南路2 号 朝阳区

In 2018, a documentary expedition team followed the historic journey of the eighth-century ‘Lotus-Born Master’, also known as Padmasambhava or Guru Rinpoche.

Shrouded in myth and mystery, the Lotus-Born Master is recognized as the founder of Tibetan Buddhism. In this award-winning documentary, director Laurence Brahm explores whether the founder of Tibetan Buddhism is also the father of quantum physics.

The expedition team follow the Lotus-Born Master’s own historic journey through some of the Himalayas’ most extreme climates. Trekking over 20,000 kilometers, the team scale snow mountains, seek the sacred lakes where the Master performed magic, and explore the caves where he meditated. On the way, they interview lamas, scholars and technology innovators, searching for the link between Buddhism and today’s quantum physics.

The result is a compelling documentary, winner of the 2018 Canada Golden Maple Film Festival Best Documentary Film Director and Best Documentary Photography Award for its unprecedented cinematography.

Please join us for a special screening of this documentary, followed by a Q&A with the director Laurence Brahm.

Laurence J. Brahm is an environmental lawyer, developmental economist and documentary film director. He is founder of the Himalayan Consensus, a process dedicated to the prevention of conflict over water resources, and of Shambhala Serai, one of Asia's first social enterprises. His passion for exploration in the Himalayan region led to three National Geographic expeditions between 2002-2006, for which he was elected a Fellow International of the Explorer’s Club in 2015. He is the author of over 30 books on China and Asian covering political economy.


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