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Thursday, September 29, 2011 - 19:30

From Bound Feet to Stilettos

Lars Ulrik Thom and Simon Rom Gjeroe
Co-founders, Beijing Postcards

Embassy of Mexico

Sanlitun 5 Dong Wu Jie


Moxige Dashiguan Sanlitun 5 Dong Wu Jie


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When were women first allowed to attend school in the capital? When was the tradition of bound feet abandoned? How did communism affect the idea of how a good woman should behave?

Through their engaging narrative of three weddings and a divorce, Lars Ulrik Thom and Simon Rom Gjeroe will take us along the 100-year journey of three women living in Beijing: Grandmother Zhang with “liberation feet,” the retired office worker Sun, and Xue Rui, a career woman in her thirties. Examining their mark on history—their lives, marriages and one divorce—they explore the transformation of the woman's role in 20th century Beijing.

Lars Ulrik Thom and Simon Rom Gjeroe, co-founders of Beijing Postcards, are both published authors in China, Europe and Australia. They have written books and articles on topics ranging from Beijing travel and culture to Chinese history and architecture. They will also present unique photographic selections from the Beijing Postcards’ collection.