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Thursday, September 18, 2003 - 19:30

Carpets and Rugs, Kyrgyz not Samarkand

Rupert Smith

U.S. Embassy Residence

Rupert Smith has been buying and selling old rugs and textiles for many years. His last talk to BIS was on Tibetan rugs and carpets, which was a very popular event. We are very pleased that he will be in Beijing in September and will be introducing us to Kyrgyz rugs.

Rupert tells us that here in Beijing the rug dealers tend to refer to Kyrgyz carpets as Samarkand, admittedly some Kyrgyz carpets have Xinjiang designs but their colour and making are totally different to Xinjiang or "Samarkand" pieces. Kyrgystan has been open to foreigners for more than ten years now so further research into their carpet weaving tradition has been possible. Rupert will discuss the differences between the oasis traditions of Khotan and Samarkand and the nomadic rug weavers of southern Kyrgystan. He also will bring along a good selection of these rugs for hands on inspection.