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Wednesday, June 26, 1991 - 19:30

Child Development in China

Mr. Cyril Dalais, UNICEF Project Officer


The world summit for children held at the United Nations on 29-30 September 1990 was attended by 71 world leaders, a unique occurrence in the history of the United Nations. The world Declaration for the Survival, Protection and Development of Children and a Plan of Action were published, and to date over 100 world leaders have subscribed to the Declaration and Plan of Action.

Mr. Cyril Dalais, UNICEF Project Officer, Child and Family Welfare, and two of his Chinese colleagues will discuss some of the projects which the Chinese Government is proposing to promote, with support from UNICEF, in order to achieve the major goals of the world summit within the last decades of this century.

A video, illustrating “Total Early Child Development” in Inner Mongolia, will also be introduced.