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Thursday, May 6, 2010 - 19:30

China's Soft Power Abroad: Messages, Methods and Impact

David Shambaugh

Professor of Political Science & International Affairs, and

Director, China Policy Program,
The George Washington University;

Senior Fulbright Research Scholar, China Academy of Social Sciences,

Institute of World Economics & Politics

Residence of the Ambassador of Finland


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As China's rise continues and its global cultural footprint expands, journalists and scholars around the world have paid increased attention to China's soft power and public diplomacy. Meanwhile, China's government and scholars have become increasingly attuned to its international image and the role that it plays in China's foreign relations.

In an effort to improve its image abroad, the Chinese government has begun to pour large financial assets into a broad range of government, media and cultural instruments involved in getting Beijing's messages out to the world. Yet, despite these stepped-up resources and efforts, China's global reputation has fluctuated—even declined— over the past decade and its soft power remains quite limited.

In his BIS lecture, Professor David Shambaugh will explore this subject—based on extensive research he has been doing in Beijing over recent months. Professor Shambaugh is on sabbatical from The George Washington University, where he is Professor of International Affairs and Director of the China Policy Program. He is currently a Senior Fulbright Research Scholar at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Institute of World Politics & Economics.