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Thursday, January 23, 2003 - 19:30

Chinese New Year Folk Paintings and Prints

Prof. Bo Songnian

U.S. Embassy Residence

Traditional Chinese painting can be categorized into three large groups; court paintings made to oblige the emperor or nobility; literati paintings for the personal enjoyment of the gentry and scholars; and folk paintings that enjoyed wide spread circulation among the masses. New Year woodblock prints, drawn and carved with regional traits by folk artisans are an important element of Chinese folk pictorial art. They are used to decorate people's homes and surroundings when celebrating the beginning of the New Year. Although court and literati painting made remarkable achievements, New Year folk pictures surpassed those works in their wide ranging descriptions of people's lives and their direct reflection of the aspirations and aesthetic feelings of the common man and woman.

In this evening lecture illustrated with slides, Mr. Bo Songnian, a Chinese art historian and professor of the Central Arts Academy, will speak on this timely subject before the onset of the Spring Festival celebrations.