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Thursday, March 11, 1999 - 19:30

Chinese Painting Today: The Contemporary Landscape

Karen Smith, Director

The Courtyard Gallery

The Courtyard Gallery

Karen Smith is well known to BIS members whom she addressed in April 1997. Director of the Courtyard Gallery, she has a long personal experience with Chinese contemporary art as a writer, a curator, a collector, a consultant and a lecturer. She is presently writing a book on the subject and in 1998 she organized an important exhibition of modern Chinese painters in England (“Representing the People”). Her theme, this time, will be Chinese characteristics in the culture, thought and ideology of modern artists as revealed in their art. She will focus on the genre of landscape painting and will begin with a look at classical ink landscape paintings. She will attempt to explore how the nature of presentation has changed in the language of more contemporary artists as the environment around them changes and modernizes. The selection will include a look at work from the eight Eccentric of Yangzhou, Ba Da Shan Ren, Shi Tao and some Song and Yuan dynasty pieces, through to contemporary oil paintings by Wu Guangzhong, Chen Wenji, and Xu Hongmin.