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Thursday, June 20, 2002 - 19:30

Chinese Regional Furniture

Richard Latham

The New Zealand Embassy

Richard Latham, who spoke to a BIS gathering several years ago, will speak about antique Chinese furniture. In a soon to be published article in "Orientations", Richard proposes that all Chinese furniture is essentially local in decorative styles. Three styles (Suzhou, Beijing and Guangdong) acquired countrywide popularity over the last 350 years. Because historians have broadly tried to classify furniture as classical, traditional, provincial, country, Ming, Ming-style and Qing, they have glossed over pervasive regional differences. Fashion can be better identified when studied at the regional level. He will use decorative styles from Shanxi, Beijing and Zhejiang to illustrate the differences. The examples are also indicative of furniture that is available in the markets. This event was originally advertised in the November 2001 newsletter, but due to unforeseen circumstances it had to be postponed. We are therefore delighted that Richard Latham is now able to present this Lecture.