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Thursday, June 5, 2008 - 19:30

Common Sense Talk About an Uncommon Country

Mr. James McGregor


The New Zealand Embassy

1 Ritan Dong Er Jie

Journalist-turned-businessman James McGregor views China as being both simultaneously the world's largest startup and the world's largest turnaround. His book, One Billion Customers, combines the saga of China's rise as a business power with practical lessons on how to do business in China. In this presentation, McGregor will walk us into the middle of the Chinese business world while sharing his insider's perspective on the politics, the people, and China's changing place in the world order.

James McGregor has spent nearly two decades working as a journalist and businessman in China. As The Wall Street Journal's China Bureau Chief, he documented the sweeping changes that have taken China from the edge of economic chaos to the verge of economic predominance. As former chief executive of Dow Jones' China business operations, former chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, as a venture capital investor, and now CEO of JL McGregor & Co., with 50 people on the ground in China conducting research and advisory on investment funds, McGregor has negotiated every aspect of business in China.