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Thursday, June 15, 2000 - 19:30

Cui Jian: China's Contemporary Music Scene

Cui Jian

Swiss Embassy

Sanlitun 3 Dong Wu Jie

Cui Jian is a legendary figure in China's music scene. He was not only the first internationally known Chinese rock-singer, but also the spiritual idol of the Chinese youth in the 1980's when China opened its door to the outside. He has lived through the Cultural Revolution as a child and his powerful music grabbed at the heart, expressing the woes and yearning of his generation who identify themselves in his lyrics. After a relatively long absence, Cui Jian recently returned to the limelight with music revealing the amazingly versatile talents of this artist.

As its closing event of this season, BIS is pleased to have Cui Jian come and talk to us about himself, his life and his music, rock music in China and its evolution. This will be a lecture in the form of a discussion by the artist.