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Thursday, September 24, 2009 - 19:30

Dam It! River Conservation and Public Participation

Wang Yongchen

Senior Reporter,

China National Radio (CNR);

Founder and Director,

Green Earth Volunteers

Embassy of Chile


Zhi Li Dashiguan Sanlitun 1 Dong Si Jie

The state of China's freshwater environment is a global concern. To boost local economies and to meet an almost insatiable need for electricity, China's freshwater systems are being interrupted by dams bigger and more numerous than ever before.

Wang Yongchen, a veteran environmental journalist and activist, will discuss the state of rivers in the country and present concepts for sustainable economic development and river conservation. She will also showcase stories in which the influence of media and public participation can be effective in raising alarms and halting controversial constructions.

Wang Yongchen began campaigning for water conservation in 2003 and organized the well known public campaigns against multiple dam construction on the Nu River, one of Asia's last pristine waterways. She is currently conducting “A 10-Year Study on China Rivers” to draw attention to the river ecosystem and those directly dependent on it.