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Wednesday, January 24, 1990 - 11:00

Demonstration: Preparing and Sampling Chinese "Jiaozi" and other New Year's Treats

Chinese Chefs of the Sheraton Great Wall Hotel

 Sheraton Great Wall Hotel

One way in which Chinese families celebrate the Spring Festival is by getting together to make and then eat the tasty meat-or-vegetable-filled dumplings known as “jiaozi” and other pastry-based treats. In connection with the 1990 Spring Festival, the American Club Women's Association (ACWA) is extending an invitation to BIS members to join ACWA members in a jiaozi-making demonstration/luncheon that the ACWA has organized with the Chinese chefs of the Sheraton Great Wall Hotel. Participants will have the opportunity to practice shaping and filling the dough before sitting down to sample their own (and the Chefs’) handiwork.