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Thursday, January 27, 2000 - 19:30

Early Ming Porcelain

Professor Li Zhiyan

Beijng University

Finnish Embassy

30 Guanghua Lu

China has long been known throughout the world as the home of porcelain. Its porcelain has been exported continuously since the eighth century AD. In 1271, the Mongols conquered China, and for 90 years or so, there was not much advance in the manufacture of porcelain. When the Chinese succeeded in overthrowing the Mongols in AD 1368 and started the Ming Dynasty, restoration of quality in porcelain progressed with great speed. Professor Li Zhiyan of Beijng University, who did such excellent presentations for our members on Song and Yuan porcelain in the past, will speak on porcelain from the early Ming period. Some emphasis will be on pieces decorated in blue underglaze, red underglaze, red overglaze and monochrome wares. Time will be left for Professor Li to comment on or authenticate a few porcelain pieces bought in by members.