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Thursday, September 6, 2007 - 19:30

Earth's Hope: Envisioning a Future without Poverty and a World with Intact Eco-Systems

Mr. John D. Liu
Director, Environmental Education Media Project for China

U.S. Embassy Residence

BIS is delighted to welcome back John Liu, who in 2004, presented two of his short documentaries on ecosystems of the Mongolian steppes.
In 1995, John Liu was asked by the World Bank to begin documenting a project to rehabilitate the Loess Plateau, the cradle of Chinese civilization in Northwest China. Since then, he has witnessed and filmed an amazing transformation that is reversing 400 generations of negative ecological behavior that had led to ecosystem collapse over a broad area. Through careful research into ecosystem functions such as biodiversity, soil stability, natural fertility, natural hydrological regulation and the carbon cycle, it has been possible to revive the once-ruined landscape.

In 2006, the lessons learned in China, were disseminated to Rwanda, Tanzania and Ethiopia, with surprising results. John will explain what he found in Africa when viewed through the filter of the World Bank's work in the Loess Plateau and implications for other degraded environments around the world.

John Liu is an American who has lived in Beijing for more than twenty years. For more than the past decade he has written, produced and directed many films on environmental issues.