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Tuesday, March 6, 1990 - 19:30

Film: "A Great Wall"

Coordinator: Sally Lilley

 U.S. Press and Cultural Section

Set in Beijing during a summer in the 80’s, this is the story of a Chinese-born U.S. resident who returns to China after 30 years, accompanied by his Chinese-American wife and teenager, to visit his sister and her Chinese family. Various cultural clashes ensue, many of which are amusing. There are some excellent scenes of Beijing and its environs during beautiful summer days. It is a Chinese-made movie for the Chinese audience, containing a good bit of earthy humor. One is afforded a glimpse into modern Chinese family life and society as perceived by Chinese; and, in sharp contrast, there are reminders of some of the distinctive aspects of U.S. life. Peppered with insightful flashes into Chinese life and culture, the film ends with a Karate Kid-type ping-pong showdown and many lessons learned.