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Thursday, March 7, 2002 - 19:30

Film: Desire and the Urban Landscape

Ning Ying, Film Director

Italian Embassy

China's premiere woman director Ning Ying will present her latest film “I love Beijing” and discuss with the audience the many transformations of life and film in her native Beijing. Ning Ying started her career as assistant director to Bernardo Bertolucci's film "The Last Emperor". She has since, received innumerous international prizes for her two films on changing life and times in Beijing. "For Fun" (1992) was awarded prizes in Film Festivals in Berlin, San Sebastian, Tokyo and Nantes. "On the Beat" (1995) received prizes from the Film Festivals of San Sebastian, Torino and Nantes among others. Now, "I Love Beijing" the last film in the trilogy, has been selected for the Film Festivals of Rotterdam, San Francisco and Hong Kong.

"I Love Beijing" deals with the travails of young Dezi, a taxi driver mesmerized by the changes in his urban surroundings and the meandering of his own love life. Through his personal adventures and professional excursions we gain insight into the complexities of urban Beijing. Dezi's floating between destinations and women, works as an allegory for Beijing's own search for individual identity between disappearing ancient values and an unknown future.

"I Love Beijing" is a beautifully shot, funny and delightful film. It weaves through Beijing with a critical and illuminating eye portraying the ambitions and delusions of asserting one's identity in the challenge and chaos of a mutating city.