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Thursday, June 7, 2007 - 19:30

Financial System Reform in China

Dr. Urs Buchmann
Head, Corporate Banking China, Credit Suisse

Embassy of the Czech Republic

The financial sector has been central to China's economic development. Dr. Buchmann's presentation will provide an overview of China's financial system from the early foundations in the planned economy of the 1950s, through the reforms that have been enacted since the open door policies were launched in 1978. China's financial industry players have had to implement challenging series of regulatory, management, and financial measures in order to migrate from their former role in financing state-sponsored infrastructure and heavy industry projects, to their increasingly important function as commercial banks responding to the opportunities and perils of a labor-divided and competition-pressurized economy. The re-inception of securities exchanges in Shanghai and Shenzhen, as well as the entry of foreign financial institutions have further impacted China's economy and the country's financial system.

Urs Buchmann is a financial industry veteran in China, having served in various senior functions in commercial, corporate, and investment banking for a period of over 20 years, working with and for financial institutions in China, as well as a wide range of both domestic and foreign clients. This has given him a comprehensive insight into financial industry systems reform, as well as into the needs and demands of China's increasingly insatiable consumers, including private enterprises and a growing middle class.