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Thursday, October 26, 2000 - 19:30

Go West

Kerstin Leitner

UNDP Resident Representative

German Embassy

17 Dongzhimenwai Dajie

Kerstin Leitner, who is in China for the second time with UNDP, was one of the founding members of BIS in the early 80s. Today, Ms. Leitner is the UNDP Resident Representative in China and she has recently spoken on several occasions on the relevance of the Western Development Initiative for China and for the work of international partners of China.

In her presentation Ms. Leitner will show the existing regional disparities, provide an update on the government's work and discuss aspects including where and how international cooperation between China and the public sector, the private sector and non-profit organizations can be of particular relevance to the development in the Western region. She will touch on issues related to human resource development in an ethnically diverse environment, investments and overall regional planning, which will be needed to ensure economic growth, but also the conservation of the natural resource base/ecological situation.