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Tuesday, September 21, 1993 - 19:30

History of Chinese Dance

Dai Ailian, Dancer, Choreographer, Director

Canadian Embassy

Dai Ailian is China's most celebrated authority on dance. She is (or has been) a dancer, choreographer, director, teacher, coach, notator, researcher and author. She is still in demand as a lecturer throughout the world. In her fifty-year career so far she has been involved in ballet, modern dance, Chinese folk and classical dance. Born in Trinidad, she studied in the UK under several well-known dance teachers then first came to China during the Sino-Japanese war. Since then Dai Ailian has been intimately involved with the development of ballet and Chinese dance. She is also well known for her research into ancient Chinese dances. She has travelled (and is still travelling)into remote villages to watch dances and record them in Labanotation and to trace their historical connections through the Han, Sui, Tang and Song Dynasties. She will tell us something of this history, using illustrations and demonstration. She is fond of “dance for all” sessions to keep these dances alive and so at the end of her lecture there will be an opportunity for all of us to start to learn them ourselves.