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Thursday, February 27, 2003 - 19:30

Jade: Symbol of Wealth and Power

Michael Bruhn

German Embassy

Jade has been known and treasured in China for the past 7000 years, starting with the Neolithic cultures of Hongshan, Liangzhu and Longshan. However, most Westerners have little or no understanding of its importance as a symbol of wealth and power in China. In this illustrated lecture Michael Bruhn, who has spoken to BIS members before, will concentrate on 18th century jade carvings, which under Qing imperial patronage, developed rapidly. He will explain the various carving techniques used to transform this hard stone into intricately carved pieces of art. He will also talk about the importance of Jade in China and the role it played as a symbol of wealth and power.

Though the standard for Jade appreciation was set in the Han dynasty most Westerners do not understand how to appreciate this stone. In this lecture Michael will also discuss the difference between jade and jadeite and talk about the quality, colour and basis for jade appreciation, which may help members unravel the mystery of jade.