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Tuesday, November 4, 1986 - 19:30

Lecture: Marketing Joint Ventures in China - A New Way of Opening the Door?

Professor Max Boisot, Dean and Director,

European Community / China Management Training Programme

British Embassy Residence

Max Boisot is Dean and Director of the European Community/China Management training programme based on the Management Training Centre of the State Economic Commission. He has been largely responsible for designing and supervising the M.B.A. programme at the Centre. Project work forms an essential part of this course. The M.B.A. students have been working in teams investigating a wide range of management problems in Chinese enterprises. This work has produced some fascinating and useful information about ways in which the productivity of these enterprises can be significantly improved. Professor Boisot considers that the project work has also revealed some effective strategies for cooperation between foreign and Chinese enterprises. This is the main topic he will deal with in his talk.