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Thursday, January 17, 2002 - 19:30

Legal Reforms in China

Ms. Titi Liu, Ford Foundation

Swiss Embassy

Ms Titi Liu, the Ford Foundation's law and right's officer, will speak about the progress that has been made in legal reforms in China, with respect to protection of individual rights and the challenges that lie ahead. The relatively weak protections for human rights in China have long been a focal point for international criticism of the Chinese Government. While much work remains to be done, notable progress has been made in recent years strengthening the protections in Chinese substantive and procedural law for the rights of vulnerable individuals in Chinese society. Since 1988, the Ford Foundation's Beijing office has been supporting Chinese individuals and institutions in China seeking to reform China's legal system to improve protections for individual rights.

Ms. Liu received her undergraduate degree, in Government and East Asian Studies, from Harvard College and her law degree from Harvard Law School. She has been working within the legal system in greater China (Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing) for the past 5 years.