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Tuesday, April 11, 2000 - 19:30

Meeting with Writer Feng Jicai

Feng Jicai


French Embassy Residence

4, Sanlitun Dong Si Jie

BIS is happy to be able to reprogram this event, which was cancelled in November in consideration of the health of our guest, writer Feng Jicai.

Feng Jicai, one of the most prominent writers of modern China, will talk about his life and his work. Trained in fine arts and painting, he started writing while still remaining, to this day, a painter. He lived through difficult times during the Cultural Revolution, working in turn as a travelling salesman and a teacher, while he had to hide his manuscripts in walls. After the Cultural Revolution, he participated in the so-called “scar literature” Ganxie Shenghuo! (Thank you life!). Born in Tianjin where he still lives, he has written many wonderful novels, short stories, and tales steeped in the local tradition, including Sancun Jinlian (The three-inch golden lotus); Shen Bian (The magic tail) etc. His works have been translated into a dozen foreign tongues.

Feng Jicai has later developed a keen interest in the architectural heritage of his native town, notably western style buildings to which he devoted two beautiful books. He is one of the most eloquent advocates of the preservation of architectural sites threatened by China's rapid modernization.

Feng Jicai is the vice-president of the Chinese Writers’ Association and the director of a literary journal, Wenxue Ziyoutan (The Free Literary Tribune) and an artistic one, Yishujia (The Artist).