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Wednesday, December 10, 2003 - 19:30

Memories of the Boxer Rebellion

Adam Williams

Author, The Palace of Heavenly Pleasure

British Embassy Residence

Hong Kong-born Adam Williams comes from a family of merchants, medical missionaries and railway builders who have worked in and around North China for four generations. Drawing on stories he heard from his grandmother as a child, he has recently written a historical novel set during the period of the Boxer Rebellion that swept China in the 1900s. Adam's book, The Palace of Heavenly Pleasure, was hailed by the London Times “as good as an adventure story gets”. Published in August 2003, this novel is on one level romantic fiction. It also sheds light on a turbulent period of Chinese history and a clash of cultures that reverberates to the present day.

For the last 20 years Adam Williams has represented the China trading house, Jardine Matheson, in Beijing. In his talk, he will describe the history and family memories that inspired his book and will also assess the impact of those events on China's subsequent generations.

In this rare event, the author has kindly agreed to sign copies of The Palace of Heavenly Pleasure. Bring your own copy or purchase one after the lecture.