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Thursday, October 19, 2000 - 19:30

Ming Porcelain in the 15th Century

Professor Li Zhiyan

Beijing University

Swiss Embassy Residence

Sanlitun 3 Dong Wu Jie

China has long been known throughout the world as the home of porcelain. Its porcelain has been exported continuously since the eighth century A.D. During the Xuande (A.D. 1426-1435) and Chenghua (A.D. 1465-1487) reigns of the Ming Dynasty, manufacture of porcelain reached yet another summit of proficiency in technology and artistic development. It was during this time that a porcelain prototype was set for all the ensuing imperial families until 1911.

Professor Li Zhiyan of Beijing University and Vice President of the Chinese Ceramics Association, who spoke several times previously to BIS on Sung, Yuan, early Ming and Yongle porcelain, will address us this time on the porcelain produced during these two Ming Dynasty periods in an evening lecture. Although this is a continuation in a series of lectures on Chinese porcelain, members who come for the first time will find the lecture just as informative and enjoyable. This time again, members are encouraged to bring in personal pieces for Professor Li to examine for authenticity and discussion.