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Tuesday, October 30, 1990 - 19:30

Moving from One Culture to Another: Do Our Perceptions and Values Change?

Amy Tan, Author

 US Embassy Residence

BIS is privileged to have noted author Amy Tan talk to us on this interesting subject dealt with in her acclaimed novel The Joy Luck Club. She will base her talk on her own bicultural experience, addressing topics such as language, perceptions and values as one is transposed from one culture to another. She will focus on how different generations of a family can be affected as they lose connections with the old ways and beliefs. She will address the basic human paradox of enthusiasm for the new and fear of loss of the old. A many of the BIS members are products of two cultures, or have joined two cultures in marriage; and all have now come to reside in this old and complicated one, Ms. Tan's talk will have relevance for all of us.