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Tuesday, January 24, 1995 - 19:30

Musical Evening: Ancient Plucked, Bowed, and Wind Instruments

Zhao Ben

To help set the mood for the Spring Festival and for a rare chance to hear and learn about ancient Chinese music, BIS is honored to present the esteemed musician, Mr. Zhao Ben. From the tender age of eight, Zhao Ben developed a keen interest in music, but above all, his main passion was for the ancient plucked, bowed and wind instruments of his country. After years of dedication and practice, Mr. Zhao has become an accomplished performer and lecturer and is very enthusiastic about fostering cultural exchange. He studied English and Japanese so that he, himself, could express and expound on the history and technique of each instrument. He has visited Japan, England, Romania, South Korea and the United States. He is a musician of the Beijing Song and Dance Ensemble and member of the China Wind and String Instrument Association. For our pre-Spring Festival event, he and his colleagues will bring along seven instruments: the pipa, xiao, erhu, guqin, tiqin, xun and gaohu. Dressed in traditional flowing dapao, they will provide some traditional Spring Festival music for us.