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Monday, May 16, 1994 - 19:30

One Art, Two Countries: Chinese and Swiss Papercuts

Mrs. Suzanne Schlaepfer

Swiss Embassy

Chinese artists from the Beijing Association of Papercutters will join a Swiss artist, Mrs. Suzanne Schlaepfer, to give us a talk about the history of paper cutting, the present development of the art in their respective countries, and its exchange with other countries. They will make a few demonstrations of their skills, then invite participants to try their best at the craft. Some art historians are of the opinion that the origin of paper cutting goes back to 16th century Turkey. Others explain that this special art was practiced centuries before that by Chinese monks as part of their monastic discipline. The oldest known papercuts in China showed scenes of daily life in monasteries. By the way, an exhibition of Mrs. Schlaepfer's works will be open from 11-17 May 1994 at the Working People's Palace, next to the Forbidden City.