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Saturday, March 11, 2000 - 14:00

Outing: A Collector's Tour of Tibetan Furniture

Mr. Handel Lee, Lawyer and Collector

Mr. Li Jianguang, Director, Century Art Center

Century Art Center

Mr. Handel Lee, lawyer-entrepreneur and collector, together with Mr. Li Jianguang, the director of the Century Art Center, will give BIS members some insider tips on what to look for when appraising and buying Tibetan furniture.

This hands-on, learning experience will take place in a charming authentic courtyard house tucked away in Ritan Park. Built in 1534, this was where the emperor changed his robe before worshipping the sun. Through this show and tell presentation of Tibetan furniture, BIS members will learn about the different periods, the symbolism and meaning of the artwork, and get some tips on distinguishing between real and fake. Mr. Lee will bring examples from his warehouse so we can look at refinished and unfinished, re-painted and unpainted original and new pieces. Some Tibetan carpets will also be displayed and included in this talk.

Weather permitting, some of the pieces will be exhibited outside in the courtyard so warm dress may be required.