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Saturday, November 13, 1993 - 10:00

Outing: Bai Yun Guan and Confucian Temple

Prof. Ding Wangdao

From the enthusiastic audience that greeted Professor Ding Wangbao's September 28th lecture on Daoism and Confucianism came this suggestion: Why not have an outing to the Bai Yun Guan (White Cloud Daoist Temple) and the Confucian Temple? And why not ask Professor Ding to accompany us? Here is our opportunity. The Bai Yun Guan is dedicated to The Way, which – as we learned from Professor Ding – only over time was enshrined as religion. While the site dates back to the Tang dynasty, Mongol Emperor Kublai Khan elevated the temple's importance and made it the center of Daoism in N. China. We will see a large complex clearly influenced by Buddhist and Confucian architectural principles, but decorated in a purely Daoist manner.