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Saturday, October 9, 1993 - 10:00

Outing: Beijing's Western Waterways

Michael Crook; Liu Weidong

This very special outing was planned by Michael Crook who, with Liu Weidong of the Relics Bureau, will be our guide. We will begin with a stop at the Hui Tong Ci which is located just south of the second ring road, at the northern end of Xihai Lake. Then, from Yuyuantan Park we will take a 50-minute boat ride along the Beijing-Miyun Canal to the southern end of Kunming Lake. The many noteworthy sights along the way – a Qing dynasty munitions factory, for example – will be explained. When we disembark at the back gate of the Summer Palace it will be time to eat. So do bring a picnic lunch.