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Thursday, April 19, 1990 - 08:15

Outing: The Cloud Terrace at Juyongguan Pass

Isabelle Deron

 Meet at South Gate, Ritan Park

Mrs. Isabelle Deron, whom some members had the pleasure of meeting at Wu Ta Si last year, has kindly consented to talk to us about the Cloud Terrace situated in a walled fortress on Juyongguan Pass, about 10 km before the Badaling section of the Great Wall. The terrace is covered with magnificent reliefs which can be placed within the Lamaist tradition. It is a unique survivor of this type from the Yuan period. This terrace, built during the Mongol Dynasty (Yuan), was originally the base of a pagoda astride the pathway to Mongolia which the Mongol emperors used on their annual summer journey to the land of their ancestors.