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Saturday, November 6, 1993 - 08:00

Outing: Dule Si and Huang Ya Pass

Prof. Wu Menglin

Mrs. Wu Menglin, already known to BIS members for her knowledge of Beijing's historical sites, will accompany us to two unique places about 100 kilometers east of Beijing. The first is Dule Si, built in the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and rebuilt during the Liao Dynasty in 984. This 1009 year old temple has been declared of national importance, partly due to the on-site scientific documentation accomplished by Mrs. Wu. It contains Liao clay statues, Yuan (1206-1368) frescoes, and the first multistoried building in North China. It will be our privilege to visit Dule Si just before it is closed for two years for extensive restoration. The Huang Ya Pass of the Great Wall was constructed under the famous Ming (1368-1644) general Qi Jiguang. The Wall architecture in this section is particularly exquisite, with a military camp city attached to it laid out in a specifically Chinese manner. In this city, we will visit a museum where the relics unearthed on the site are kept.