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Saturday, April 22, 1995 - 10:00

Outing: Emperor Qianlong's Military Towers

In Qianlong 11 (1747), news of a rebellion in western Sichuan reached Beijing and an imperial army was sent to quell it. The army fought for three years without success, primarily because of a system of defensive towers the rebels had constructed. Captives were brought to Beijing and ordered to build similar towers in the Western Hills so that the imperial forces could train on them. While that rebellion ended in a negotiated settlement, Qianlong urged his troops to continue training on the towers, and a permanent training camp was established in the area. Thirty years later, Qianlong's foresight was rewarded when a second rebellion in Western Sichuan was put down in under a year. On this BIS outing, we will visit several extant training towers and remains of the military camp and a temple.