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Saturday, January 30, 1993 - 09:00

Outing: Old Beijing Sites

Wu Menglin, Research Institute of Ancient Architecture;

Michael Crook

As a follow-up to the lecture on January 29, Mrs. Wu Menglin will take us to see remnants of the Yuan Dynasty city walls and two sections of Ming Dynasty city walls. One of the latter, near the railway station, is scheduled to be torn down; the other, Xi Bian Men, is the intersection of the inner and outer city walls. In addition, we will visit De Sheng Men, the only outer city gate which remains standing. We will conclude our tour by examining the Sacred Road leading to the Temple of the Sun (Ritan Park). This is the only one of the original four Sacred Roads in the city that still exists. If time permits, we will also visit Dong Yu Miao, the Daoist Temple opposite the glazed tile gate which marks the beginning of the Ritan Sacred Road.