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Thursday, February 7, 1991 - 10:15

Outing: Qing Dynasty Hardwood Furniture Exhibition

Hu Desheng, Expert

Meet at North Gate of Beihai Park, Dianmen Xidajie

Mr. Hu Desheng, a Chinese hardwood furniture expert from the Palace Museum, will take us on an instructive tour of the Qian Long furniture collection in the Jing Xin Zhai in the northern section of Beihai Park. The Emperor used to relax in these lakeside rooms which today retain many pieces of hardwood furniture from that period. The rooms are located in a dramatic rockery with pagoda-topped hills, caves, paths with creatively inlaid pebbles and many covered wooden walkways and balconies.

We will spend approximately an hour with Mr. Hu in the heated building. Exploring outside will be on your own.