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Saturday, May 8, 1993 - 10:00

Outing: Silver Hill Pagodas

Wu Menglin

The Pagoda Forest on the Silver Hill, one of the great sights in Changping Country, is not only a place where the largest number of pagodas are concentrated in China, but also an important historic spot. In the early part of the Tang dynasty (618 – 907) the Fuoyan Temple, the largest in the Beijing area, was built and famous monks taught Buddhism there. Today, only its foundation can be seen. Fourteen beautiful pagodas still stand there, dating back to the Jin dynasty (1115 – 1234). Ms. Wu Menglin will be our guide. Those fond of exercise may climb up to the Cave Facing the Sun and take a walk around the Waist Healing Pagoda. In May the scenery is captivatingly beautiful.