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Saturday, October 30, 1993 - 09:00

Outing: Yun Ju Si, Dwelling in the Clouds Temple

In the Sui Dynasty (589 – 618) the monk Jingwan began the carving of the Buddhist texts in stone – a job which was continued for more than 1000 years under the Tang, Liao, Jin, Yuan and Ming dynasties. Today we can see the complete inscriptions on 14,620 rocks and steles in the largest collection of early Buddhist scriptures on stone in China – indeed in the whole world. It is unparalleled in several respects: the scale of the project, the length of time taken to complete it, the abundance of material and the magnificence of the site. Although the Tang dynasty temple buildings were destroyed during the war, the Ming bronze statues are still there, as well as small Tang pagodas and a large Liao pagoda.