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Friday, October 5, 1990 - 19:15

Performance: Special Program of Peking Opera in honor of the Asian Games

Ji Xiang Theatre

It is hoped that due to advance notice in last month's Newsletter, everyone has made plans to enjoy this unusual opportunity.

In honor of the Asian Games, a Peking Opera group from Jin Zhou (Northeast China) will perform for foreigners and has invited the BIS members to attend as their guests. The evening will consist of short sections from three popular operas including acrobatics and comedy with an introduction in English, providing us with a unique opportunity to appreciate these Chinese cultural forms. The entire orchestra section of the theatre has been reserved for BIS members and their guests. As the theatre is large there will be ample space for BIS members and their families, houseguests, friends, colleagues etc. As the tickets are FREE, we hope to show our gratitude for this generous offer with a large BIS turnout.