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Tuesday, March 14, 2000 - 19:30

Reflections on Modern and Contemporary Beijing Architecture


Zhang Kei Ji, Architect

Yung Ho Chang, Architect

Antonio Ochoa, Architect

Zhang Xin, Developer

Italian Embassy

2 Dong Er Jie

A panel of senior and contemporary Beijing architects and developers will examine past models and present challenges for public and private architecture. Architect Zhang Kei Ji, one of the most prominent architects of the 50’s, will recall his experiences in building some of the landmarks of the 50's and talk about the models inspiring the buildings of Tiananmen Square and the Sun Li Tun embassy area. Architect Yung Ho Chang, foremost representative of the new generation of Beijing architects will discuss the motivations and aesthetic guidelines of present Chinese architecture. Architect Antonio Ochoa and Developer Zhang Xin will talk about the challenges of building private residences and work spaces which reflect the particular necessities of the new urban Chinese.