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Thursday, April 27, 2000 - 19:30

Song Dynasty Landscape Paintings

Freda Murck

United States Embassy

USIS Building

17 Guanghua Lu

Song dynasty landscape paintings are thought of as summations of man's harmony with nature. For scholars who lost political struggles, however, life was anything but harmonious. To comment discretely on unjust punishments, some men turned to painting as an elegant and subtle means of expressing dissent. Some messages are relatively transparent. In other paintings, the resistance was so deliberately concealed that only with patient excavation of literary sources can the meanings be retrieved. Through examples (from 11th and 12th century Song) in slides Freda Murck, one of BIS's favorite speakers, will take us along on a literary finding expedition. Freda Murck is a PhD in Chinese Art and Archaeology from Princeton University and worked for twelve years in the Asian Art Department at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City.