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Thursday, June 8, 2000 - 19:30

Tibetan History and Culture Through Its Traditional Architecture

Andre Alexander, Director, Tibet Heritage Fund

Finnish Embassy Residence

30 Guanghua Lu

We have looked at Tibet through its religion, its carpets, its furniture and other artifacts. Now we will approach it through its traditional architecture. Andre Alexander, director of the Tibet Heritage Fund in Lhasa who leads a team of specialists in restoring this city to its original charm, will introduce us to Old Lhasa.

Mr. Alexander is a long-time resident of Lhasa and has an intimate knowledge of the city. In his slide presentation, he will lead us through the maze of medieval streets of Old Lhasa with its historic buildings and monuments. He will show us how Tibet's history and culture are inextricably linked to its unique city layout. We will also learn about the Tibet Heritage Fund's quest to preserve and restore some of the architectural gems and ancient family dwellings of Old Lhasa.