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Thursday, November 6, 2008 - 19:30

Tibetan Textiles: Reviving Traditional Skills

Mr. Chris Buckley

Tibetan Specialist

Embassy of Kuwait




Keweite Dashiguan

23 Guanghua Lu


Throughout its history, Tibet has been largely pastoral, with its herds of yaks, sheep and other animals providing the material for producing a variety of textile products, including blankets, tents, clothing and, of course, carpets. However, in recent years many of the traditional skills have been lost.

Chris Buckley, working together with the Tibet Artisan Initiative in Lhasa, has spent the past three years working to recover some of the traditional Tibetan natural dyeing methods. He will talk about Tibet's rich history of textile manufacture (whether in small-scale cottage industries or larger, commercial enterprises), as well as textile uses. He will also discuss the sometimes unexpected environmental and social issues relating to dye choice and textile manufacture in Lhasa and area.

Chris Buckley has lived in China since 1995. He made his first trip to Tibet in 1996, from which time his interest in Tibetan art and culture developed. He received a Ph.D. in chemistry from Oxford, training which has proved beneficial to his latest researches into traditional dyeing technologies.