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Thursday, March 14, 2002 - 19:30

Tri-colored Pottery of the Tang Dynasty

Prof. Li Zhiyan, Beijing University; Vice President, Chinese Ceramics Association

U.S. Embassy Residence

The nearly three hundred years of the Tang dynasty (AD 618-906) were, with the exception of some of the later years of weakness and turmoil, among the most prosperous and culturally brilliant periods in the history of China. The dynamic and vibrant Tang culture was reflected in its achievements of poetry, prose, calligraphy, painting as well as tri-color pottery (Tang sancai) which in itself represents a dramatic advance in ceramic production. Interesting examples of Tang sancai pottery are animated figurines of people, such as aristocrat ladies, and of animals, such as a camel with a troupe of musicians and dancers on its back. They were superbly sculpted and represent vivid images of Tang dynasty life.

Professor Li Zhiyan of Beijing University and Vice President of the Chinese Ceramics Association, who has given excellent presentations to BIS members in the past, will speak on this fascinating subject. This time, members are welcome to bring in items from their personal collection for Professor Li to examine for authentication and discussion.