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Saturday, May 19, 1984 - 10:00

Trip to Tianjin City Museum; Yangliuqing Arts Society

Fritz Zettl, Austrian painter and sinologist, will guide a bus excursion to Tianjin to visit the Yangliuqing New Year's pictures factory and showroom. This specific form of folk art, a combination of woodblock printing and hand painting, originated at Yangliuqing in the early 17th century and continues as a well-known tradition today. Mr. Zettl will continue the tour at the city museum (Yishu Bowuguan) where old and antique New Year's pictures from the Yangliuqing factory are displayed as well as many other artifacts of Chinese folk arts and handicrafts. The museum will also show a newly-mounted exhibition of works from the famous painter Xu Beihong.