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Monday, January 18, 1993 - 19:30

Two Traditions of Chinese Drama: Peking Opera and the Yi People's Mask Dance

Ione Meyer, Beijing Opera School

British Embassy Residence

Ione Meyer's interest in traditional Chinese drama was first stimulated seven years ago when one of her teachers at the national youth drama festival in Britain described the techniques used in Peking Opera. She decided to pursue this interest by coming to China to study at the Beijing Opera School. In 1991, and earlier this year, she gave highly commended public performances of extracts from well-known Peking Operas. She also wished to learn about older tradition of drama in China, and in 1991, she visited Guizhou to about the traditional dance of the Yi people in the district of Weining. Disappointed at learning that their drama traditions were dying, she returned 1992 to record the mask drama which depicts the development of the Yi people. She will also describe her visits to Weining, using masks, photographs, and music as illustrations.