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Wednesday, February 17, 1993 - 10:00

Visit: Residence of Guo Moruo

Guo Pingying, Daughter of Guo Moruo

Those BIS members interested in the life and works of the late Guo Moruo will have the opportunity of being guided by his daughter, Mrs. Guo Pingying, through the mansion where her famous father spent the last fifteen years of his life. Mrs. Guo will explain some of the works of this very prestigious Chinese intellectual and will share with us some family anecdotes. Guo Moruo was born in 1892 in Sichuan. Having studied medicine in Japan, he returned to China in 1921 and founded, in the aftermath of the 4th of May 1919 Movement, the Society of Modern Chinese Revolutionary Literature. After an extended period of teaching in Guangdong and Shanghai, he fled to Hong Kong as a political exile. He returned to China only in 1949 to become president of the Academia Sinica. In 1951 the Chinese leadership appointed him Minister. His works embrace many fields such as poetry, drama, archaeology, and the translation of world literature, including the works of Goethe and Tolstoy. In 1988, ten years after his death, his home was first opened to the public. Last year it was renovated to mark the 100th anniversary of his birth. Qianhai Xijie runs north from Dianmenxi Dajie, opposite the northern entrance to Beihai Park.